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I was recently contacted by my previous employer, an International School in Vietnam, who politely asked me to close down the Edmodo groups I had set up whilst at the school. In particular they wanted me to close a group I had set up named ‘Social Connections’ that was created to allow students (and staff) to remain in touch after moving on…as so often happens on the international circuit. They stated that new school policy dictated that any contact with students must cease when you leave.

The group set up meant that teachers didn’t have those awkward moments when saying goodbye to tearful students whereby they would normally be forced to say: “sorry no, you can’t be my Facebook friend or have my email”. Instead they’d simply say, “Keep in touch, see you on Edmodo!” The communications we exchanged about their reasons for me closing the group were all valid and I fully agreed but it did get me thinking about some interesting questions and ethical dilemmas teachers could find themselves in…

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teachers to act like police....scary stuff...


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Change for change sake?

So ‘the tribe’ gathered for the second annual Emerging Leaders Summit with some ideas around change, progress, leadership and all things passion-driven in education. No doubt some good stuff happened here; people feeling empowered by the stories of their peers, networking with others from around the country and come affirmation about the ability to lead without a title.

All good stuff. But where to now? I felt the vibe of enough people in their urge to do better by kids that something will shift. But let’s be careful of adopting an agressive change mindset. My friend Ben Jones writes of his ideas here:

What really came to light is now together so many schools and teachers have it; in their direction, in their classes, in their connections. SO must we always look to ‘change?’ This does not say we always must reflect and evaluate. But let’s really value what good stuff we have going on.

One of the keynotes asked ‘Could Australia become a learning lab for educational next-practice globally?’….could? are we not? Twitterverse certianly thought as such.

I was able to share my deep love for Middle School with the group, including my ‘Why Middle School?’ video I have shared here. I was blown away by the feedback people took the time to write to me, and the great conversations that emerged. This was a great community that formed, and one not looking for change, but for those shared ‘yeah me too!’ moments and conversations…here’s a few that stood out..

"It was nice to be reminded that the process is more important than the outcome- like the MasterChef example you shared"

"Your passion is contagious…found my #edusoulmate"

"assessment AS learning…lightbulb moment for me!"

"you have inspired me to try something new"

"global competence is at our fingertops, we need to not ignore it"

"creative ways to provide feedback is so important"

"what a liberating idea; use assessment for good not evil!"

"blue sky thinking and learning like driving a boat on open water"

The power of the collective is amazing, and the end crowd source was the most powerful.

I’m still, however waiting for an answer to the question I posed to ACARA…in shaping the national curriculum; at what stage did we ask students ‘what do you want to learn?’ further more (from another delegate) ‘and how do you want to show us what you know?’

Stay tuned!

What is the role of school-based education? #gels11

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